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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Censorship

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Censorship.

Goverment used many ways censorship to protect people against harmful information. Unfortunately, they have used it to misinform and suppress people. However, information propagates mero quickly through the internet tahn through all other media, goverments and ISPs must continually develop and implement new internet censorship tools.

Protecting Women and Children - The pornography industry is increasingly competitive. Many adult website think they need to provide more diversions by advocating violent sexual abuse of women and children.
Guarding Against Email Spam - Internet spam is unsolicited email. Spam can contain in many types. Such as,
- malware that you activate by simply opening the email message. To guard against viruses and spyware, never open any email that seems even slightly suspicious.
- Phishing schemes that try to steal your identity by asking for your personal information. These notes often apperas to be form seemingly legitimate financial companies asking you to verify your account numbers and passwords.

Internet censorship has technical and potential legal problems.
Technical Limitations - Internet censorship might not always work because new technologies are emerging through which people can use proxy servers to bypass government firewalls.
Potential Legal Problems - If certain websites are blocked, the individual or corporate owners of those blocked websites might be able to sue to have the blocks removed. Hopefully, international treaties and courts eventually can define acceptable behavior for all websites


  1. Internet censorship is really unfair to those who use the internet responsibly. I myself is an subscriber of an Australian broadband service provider and for me, the internet have brought a lot of advantages to my family.

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